Jacarta Environmental Monitoring

Jacarta offer a range of products designed to protect racks, server rooms and data centres by preventing computer equipment damage and data loss due to environmental threats such as over-heating, excess moisture, water, fire, power failures, and physical threats such as security breaches.

Using network connected devices that monitor your IT environment 24/7 allows immediate notification of potential problems. This is especially important in environments where there is no day-to-day IT support on site; these problems could potentially result in periods of downtime and lost productivity. The devices are easy to manage via a web browser or can be integrated into an existing SNMP based management product. Configurable alarms can be generated from the device sent by either email or SNMP.

The Jacarta range of environmental monitoring products includes:

  • interSeptor – A two port unit supplied with one temperature / humidity sensor, with the ability to add a second temperature / humidity sensor and up to four additional sensors (see below). This is ideal for office or computer room and rack monitoring with the option to rack mount
  • interSeptor Pro – As per the interSeptor, but available in 8-port, 16-port and 24-port versions, supporting up to 48 additional sensors (see below), this is ideal for data centre monitoring
  • SP8 – An eight port unit ideal for monitoring IT rooms and racks
  • PowerFox8 – as well as environmental monitoring this product also includes power monitoring and a power switching system

Jacarta interSeptorJacarta interSeptor Pro

These products as standard come with a temperature / humidity sensor, but the range of monitoring can be extended using one of many Go-Probe options:

  • Water Leak Detector
  • Smoke Sensor
  • Power Sensor
  • Security Sensor
  • Carbon Monoxide
  • Vibration
  • Natural Gas
  • Airflow

Jacarta also offer their Alert Centre which works with the interSeptor and SP product range. The alarm notification service provides automatic alarms notification via email, SMS and voice based services. Alert Centre is managed through an on-line portal allowing easy access to change contact details for alerting, ideal for centralising alerting if you have multiple devices.

For further information or to arrange a demonstration please contact us.

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