Series A Secure Application Access

The AEP Series A Secure Application Access Gateway is an SSL VPN appliance that enables organizations to simply, securely, and cost effectively provide users with browser-based access to virtually any application in today's IT environment. This includes Microsoft Outlook, Windows Remote Desktop Services and server-based applications, as well as client/server applications over an SSL tunnel. With any computer: telecommuters, branch office employees, business partners and a mobile sales force can quickly and securely reach virtually any resource used in your business. Furthermore, the Series A provides a high level of secure access by efficiently controlling what information can be reached based on granular access policies. With identity-based application access and extensive endpoint security you are assured that only thoroughly validated users can only see what they are authorized to see. Simple, web-based administration means fast set up and deployment with no network downtime.

The Series A leverages existing security policies and is capable of seamless integration into Windows Active Directory. Multi-Layered Authentication can also be achieved though a Flexible, V-realm framework, which combines numerous other protocols: RSA SecurID®, LDAP, Windows® NT®, RADIUS, Kerberos, ActivCard (Smart Cards), and more.

Feature rich client security features are configurable to validate the presence and version of anti-virus & anti-spyware software, personal firewalls, service packs and patch levels ensuring compliance with your corporate security policy. Additional endpoint security tools are provided including inactivity timeout and periodic re-authentication, as well as Client Machine Identification (CMID), allowing administrators to "fingerprint" a user's device and "allow/deny" access accordingly. Browser cache cleaning can be enabled to delete all traces of session data including history, cache, applets thereby removing the danger of sensitive data being left behind at remote locations.

Each user is presented with an icon-driven web portal of individual resources as defined by policy. The Series A uniquely provides additional policy for Citrix XenApp and Windows RDS services by controlling resource allocation such as printing, audio resources, clipboard usage, drive mapping, and serial port redirection (all of which can be easily set to "on/off" as needed). Furthermore, rather than providing users with a full desktop, which may represent a security risk in some instances, the Series A can present users with individual applications, eliminating the risks of users roaming the network.

The Series A Secure Application Access Gateway is available as a hardware or virtual appliance. With the virtual appliance you are offered the flexibility of a solution that’s system configuration is easy to manipulate. This enables rapid scalability, should the need arise for many more of your staff to work effectively from virtually any location, whilst maintaining access to the applications files that they need to do their jobs. In addition to this, temporary user licenses are readily available to instantly activate when remote access demand increases suddenly. These licenses carry flexible usage terms with no activation or standby fees.

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