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Several global trends have emerged in recent times which have forced enterprises to re-evaluate their IT strategies. The explosion of mobile technology, or Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), along with the increasingly decentralized nature of corporate offices, has incentivized businesses to reconfigure their setups to accommodate mobile devices and remote offices.

Aerohive is a cloud networking company that provides comprehensive access solutions for the mobile first enterprise. With extensive knowledge of today's networking challenges, Aerohive keep a close eye on the evolving needs of businesses and are leading the way in streamlined networking intelligence solutions with their cutting-edge Co-operative Control architecture.

With Aerohive, sites of any size can benefit from the latest advances in networking technology, from large corporate headquarters to smaller satellite branches. Aerohive's networking expertise can improve the reliability of your connection, which in turn will lead to improvements in security, productivity, employee morale, and customer service, all while reducing costs.

Cloud Services Platform - The Pinnacle of Wireless Networking Solutions

As a leading supplier in cloud technology, Aerohive have developed a comprehensive cloud-based network management system. Named Hive Manager, the system offers real-time topology, performance, and client information to simplify troubleshooting, capacity planning, and security remediation of networks application.

Hive Manager is an incredibly simple system to deploy, with no pre-staging or configuration required to connect devices in any location, making it ideal for distributed deployments. With its scalability, flexibility, and user-friendly interface, Hive Manager makes the management of thousands of devices as simple as managing a single device.

Essential Access Points for Wireless Networks

Aerohive's 802.11n enterprise wireless LAN access points are an innovative class of wireless infrastructure equipment with cooperative control technology that provides the benefits of a controller-based wireless LAN solution, without requiring a controller or an overlay network.

Aerohiveaccess points share control information between them, enabling a next-generation wireless LAN architecture that is reliable, scalable, high-performing and optimal for voice over WLAN - all without a controller. Available access points range from the basic AP110, ideal for small retail environments and branch offices, up to the much more high-powered AP350, which is an enterprise-grade, high performance access point for challenging indoor environments.

Configure your Branch Office VPN and Wireless Network via the Cloud

The implementation of branch offices is swiftly becoming an increasingly complex and problematic process - with the focus shifting toward more customer-facing operations, downtime more directly affects the customer, meaning that customer dissatisfaction can become a major factor. These branches are also often staffed by non-technical employees, making administration of VPN and WLAN a larger concern than ever.

By harnessing their exclusive Cloud Services Platform and HiveManager technology, Aerohive can provide the ideal cloud-based solution for any business VPN. With minimal effort required from on-site technicians, Aerohive's Cloud Services Platform can administer your corporate network use and security policies at any number of locations.

This solution is known as Branch on Demand and can unlock efficiencies impossible to achieve without the use of the Cloud.

Secure Guest Wireless Network Access

Guest wireless access is now thought of as a necessity for most businesses - the convenience it offers to visitors, customers, technicians, and vendors is indispensable. It does, of course, bring with it several worries, including legal liabilities, security, and ease of use.

Aerohive's Co-operative Control Architecture addresses each of these concerns while providing reliable and secure wireless access for any guest user. This cloud-enabled solution features three methods of isolating guest traffic, providing a flexible way to monitor user activity. The simple interface is incredibly easy to use and can facilitate the management of numerous devices from a single access point, reducing the complexity and cost of providing convenient internet access to non-employees working within the enterprise.

High Quality Wireless Network Connectivity for Apple Devices

With the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) craze and increased corporate use of consumer devices being driven by the adoption of iOS and OS X devices such as the iPad, iPhone, and MacBook, improved Wi-Fi connectivity is crucial to ensure that users get the best possible performance out of these machines. Incompatibility with certain Wi-Fi infrastructures can cause Apple devices to underperform, bringing about frustration among users of products whose interfaces are designed to make life easier.

Aerohive delivers an enterprise Wi-Fi infrastructure solution that enhances the Apple mobile device connectivity experience and takes only minutes to deploy. Aerohive products employ a similar approach to Apple's own "it just works" ethos and are typically 50% less expensive than more complex, less-capable alternatives.

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