Enterprise-Class Wireless Network Deployment from Aruba

Aruba Networks specialise in providing wireless connectivity at high-density Wi-Fi client environments and remote sites,which has traditionally proven a challenge for organizations with distributed locations, such as retail chains and service providers looking for a wireless LAN (WLAN) solution to ease congestion on their 3G/4G networks.

These organizations typically require a feature-rich, enterprise-grade wireless networking that meets a variety of challenges:

  • Offers high performance to accommodate a range of device and traffic types, including data, voice, and video
  • Eliminates deployment complexity and reduces operational overhead
  • Provides sophisticated security that protects internal assets, blocks malware, supports guest access, and isolates sensitive traffic fromthe rest of the networks
  • Ensures high availability, including uplink and authentication survivability
  • Scales easily, both within a given site and across sites

Aruba Networks designed controller less Aruba Instant™ WLANs specifically to address the challenges of deploying Wi-Fi at geographically-dispersed locations that have limited or no onsite IT resources. Aruba Instant combines enterprise-grade WLAN performance, security, and scalability with industry-leading ease of use and affordability.

Instant Wireless Network Access Points

Being so specified a wireless networking solution, Aruba Instant requires specialised equipment in order to function to its maximum capacity. With this in mind, Aruba have developed their own range of wireless access points.

  • The Instant AP-134 and Instant AP-135 maximize mobile device performance in extremely high-density Wi-Fi client environments.
  • The Instant AP-104 and Instant AP-105 are best suited for moderately high-density Wi-Fi client environments.
  • The Instant AP-92 and Instant AP-93 feature single radios and are ideal for optimizing mobile device performance in low-density Wi-Fi client environments.
  • The Instant AP-175 is designed for outdoor areas, storage yards, warehouses, container and transportation facilities, industrial production areas and other harsh environments.
  • The Instant RAP-100 Series of Remote Access Points deliver secure 802.11n wireless and wired networking to SMBs and access to corporate resources from branch and home offices.
  • The Instant RAP-3 Remote Access Point provides secure wired and 802.11n wireless network access for branch offices and teleworker offices.

Wireless Networks with Fully Integrated OpenDNS

OpenDNS is fully integrated with controllerless Aruba Instant wireless networks to ensure Internet-wide security. Users have only to enter OpenDNS credentials in the Aruba Instant interface and every device that connects is protected. For added convenience, OpenDNS identifies all Aruba Instant access points as a cluster, eliminating the need to enter IP addresses or configurenetwork settings and Internet connection settings.

Aruba and OpenDNS provide a wide range of content filtering capabilities:

  • Filter up to 56 web categories including adult, proxy, peer-to-peer, social networking, and custom domain lists.
  • Prevent access to servers that host and distribute malware.
  • Block botnet command and control points to mitigate data leaks from infected devices.
  • Create bypass codes that allow select users to access blocked sites.
  • Report on blocking and overall usage with optional daily emails.
  • Connect to the global OpenDNS cloud-based service with zero downtime or added latency.

To boost performance, Aruba Instant APs store responses from the OpenDNS platform and search cache memory when an access request is received. When a suitable record is found, Aruba Instant APs accelerate the response by eliminating the need to contact the OpenDNS platform again.

Companies with largeoffices containing many Wi-Fi users, as well as those utilising many dispersed sites, could both benefit from the reliability, versatility and convenience of Aruba Instant wireless networks.

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