Bloxx Email Filtering Appliance

The Bloxx email filter incorporating their Tru-View Technology enables organisations to identify and manage personal email and deliver superior protection.

The Bloxx Email Filter enables organisations to effectively identify and manage non-business email. Research indicates that potentially half of all filtered email received by business is either spam or personal, so the impact of staff dealing with this email can be distracting and could have a significant impact on staff productivity.

The email filtering appliance is based on Bloxx Tru-View Technology and incorporates proven multi-layered spam and AV engines. This allows the appliance to analyse emails to deliver unsurpassed protection against traditional email threats such as spam, phishing and malware. Bloxx Tru-View Technology uses URL information from the email to identify if the email is business or personal. This categorisation determines whether the email should be blocked, delivered or held for future delivery.

The Bloxx Email Filter allows organisations to easily define and implement policies for personal email, allowing employees to use email to its full potential without the added stress, strain and related productivity issues.

If you'd link to learn more about the new Email Filter or any of the Bloxx product range please contact us for more details.

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