Bloxx Tru-View Technology

Bloxx meets the needs of its customers with a multi-layered web Filter. It combines conventional tools with its patent pending Bloxx Tru-View technology that performs live analysis and real-time categorization of Web pages to dramatically improve protection and security. This innovative approach ensures that web policies are enforced even when a URL is not in its database. Bloxx Tru-View technology is a real breakthrough in the way in which a Proxy Server tracks and classifies Web content as it ends the dependency on a database, which by the very nature of the fluidity of the Internet can become rapidly out of date. This in itself enables outstanding zero day protection.

Bloxx Appliance

Where existing web filters fall behind ................

Traditionally 1st and 2nd generation Proxy Servers rely upon allow and deny lists, keyword scanning and a categorised URL database. This may have been ok when the Internet was relatively small and manual URL categorisation could keep pace with its growth. However, Google’s index now boasts that it contains a trillion URL’s, so a Proxy Server capable of a 60 million URL database would only give you a 0.003% coverage of the Internet, while some leading vendors only claim to have databases containing 20 million.

Bloxx Tru-View Technology

If your URL is not listed what do you do?

With a conventional Proxy you have only two choices – deny or allow.

If you deny, then you could be blocking legitimate business traffic, creating increased helpdesk calls and wasting valuable time.

If you allow, then you maybe permitting inappropriate content to be downloaded and viewed. Web 2.0 makes this situation even worse with user generated and dynamic content.

................ Bloxx leads the way

Bloxx Tru-View technology employs “Advanced Contextual Language Analysis” in real time to analyze, categorize and filter Web traffic.

Bloxx TVT technology

There are 50 categories from dating to military to hacking, with unique algorithms developed by Bloxx Researchers allow websites that aren't in Bloxx's database to be identified and categorized immediately. They are then blocked or allowed depending on the user's access rights to that particular category.

All Bloxx Web content filters ship with a wide array of standard features to dramatically improve protection and security, including:

  • https-accessible management console
  • full user reporting and management
  • anti-malware
  • IM and P2P management options
  • file download control
  • proxy with onboard cache

Why do I need Bloxx Web Filtering?

................That’s easy

Improve user productivity

  • Control access to shopping, social networking and other unproductive content.
  • Generate reports on user Internet activity.
  • Control IM and P2P applications and file downloads.
  • Define working and non-working times to give flexible Web access.

Reduce risk and liability

  • Automatically block inappropriate content.
  • Proactively enforce your Internet Policies.
  • Stop viruses and spyware.
  • Reduce the risk of fraud – BLOXX identifies and blocks phishing sites.

Save time

  • Uncategorised Web pages classified instantly.
  • Delegate admin rights to departmental managers to manage their own team’s access.
  • Easy-to-use Web interface.
  • Integrates with directory services to quickly synchronise policies.

Save money

  • No cost-per-user charges.
  • All features included as standard.
  • No expensive renewal costs.
  • Once you purchase the appliance, it’s yours.

Best value for money solution

Bloxx goes much further than its competitors by offering a “no cost per user” pricing. Appliances are specified on their anticipated loading. Anti-virus, anti-spyware and anti-phishing are also provided at no extra cost. All of this, along with Bloxx’s breakthrough Tru-View technology has made Bloxx one of the fastest growing independent Web filtering companies.

Find out more

If you want to find out how Bloxx products can help you dramatically reduce IT security costs, significantly reduce IT management time and minimise risk, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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