Shield IT Solutions Case Study: Re-Cabling of Comms Rack

Comms racks and server cabinets are crucial parts of any IT infrastructure, but they can be tricky to maintain and keep tidy. One job recently undertaken by Shield IT Solutions involved a selection of comms racks which had become unruly.The racks in question were narrow, which can cause complications in cable management; over the years, desk moves and equipment changes had made the racks very full and difficult to manage. Overly long cables had become entwined withother equipment, making it increasingly tricky to replace hardware. Adequate space and power in the rack had become scarce.

Shield IT Solutions were tasked with overhauling the racks, updating the existing cabling and bringing the cabinet back in line with the previous high standard.

Infrastructure Reconfiguration from Shield IT Solutions

We began by carrying out an audit of floor ports in the office areas to identify floor ports in use. Any redundant patching was identified and then removed in order to free up space. Each remaining connection was then documented and all cabling was removed.

Once free of cabling, the equipment in the rack was re-arranged to maximise available space and to minimise the requiredcable lengths. Existing patch cables were re-used wherever possible - overly long cables were replaced with cables of a more suitable length, andany cables not adhering up to standard were replaced. All cables were individually labelled with their corresponding switch port to ensure that, in future, patching could be easily identified without the need to trace individual cables.

With cabling work completed, all telephones and PCs were checked to ensure they had network connectivity. The work was carried out with minimal disruption ensuring the users didn't notice the work had even taken place.

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