Does your business need a simple and secure mechanism for file transfer?

Mountain of files

If it does, then you need to look at what Cryptshare has to offer:

  • Up to 2GB of file transfer without slowing email servers or violating security policy
  • A valuable business tool that requires no client installation in order to share files
  • A system with a self-explanatory and easy to use interface
  • The transfer of files without the involvement of your IT department
  • Policy driven control over system usage
  • Secure (AES 256 encryption in storage, SSL 256 bit in transit)
  • Bidirectional transfer of files under the one licence
  • Graphical user interface customisation for maintaining corporate identity
  • An audit trail providing full traceability of all file transfers

What is Cryptshare?

Cryptshare is an easy to use solution for secure business file transfer which runs as a dedicated and secure Web service designed specifically for this task.

Are you losing sleep over security compliance issues?

Losing sleep

You need to know who sent what and to whom. Have you given serious consideration as to how data or information is shared between your business and 3rd parties? How are confidential or commercially sensitive files and documents relating to your business activities shared with others and is there any audit trail? With Cryptshare you have full traceability of all file transfers.

With Cryptshare it's easy to send files securely

It could be the case that when you try to share large documents or files they’re getting caught by email filters which is disruptive to your day to day business activities. Often this means having to contact your IT department and the inevitable use of a much less secure mechanism for file sharing such as FTP. Cryptshare has a self-explanatory user interface and file transfers can be achieved by following just 4 simple steps.

1. Enter your contact information
2. Specify the recipients of your file(s) and a password
3. Select the file(s) to be transferred and send
4. Provide the password in a separate email, phone call or another method

For every file transfer the recipient receives an email with a dedicated link. By clicking on this link and entering the agreed passcode, files are downloaded and automatically decrypted via a secure connection. The files stored on the Cryptshare server for transmission are subsequently deleted after a pre-defined interval.

If you want to send files using Outlook or Lotus Notes you still can!

Cryptshare can also be seamlessly integrated with your Outlook or Lotus Notes email application via a plug-in for improved workflow and user experience. This in turn gives you the security of a strong encryption and data transfer solution with just one mouse click right inside your familiar e-mail client, which is already entrusted to your employees.

Cryptshare Outlook Logo Read the Factsheet

Lotus Notes Outlook Logo Read the Factsheet

Join the Cryptshare revolution today!

For further information or to arrange a demonstration please contact us now and one of our experienced consultants will discuss with you how to deploy a simple and secure mechanism for file transfer using Cryptshare.

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