Essential Email Filtering Services for SMEs

Email filtering is a crucial tool for all businesses these days. As email is now so widely used, the smooth operation of any company relies heavily on this vital communication channel remaining dependable and free of unsolicited spam emails. It is estimated that unwanted spam messages constitute 78% of all email traffic, so defending your business against this onslaught is a priority for any IT manager.

Email Filtering: Protection from Harmful Spam and Phishing Emails

Spam can take many forms - the most common include poorly-spelled offers for dubious pharmaceutical products, mysterious links dressed as messages from trusted contacts, and vague promises of wealth from strangers in faraway lands. Not only are these messages pointless and irritating, they are also time-consuming to deal with and potentially harmful. Some messages can coerce the unsuspecting into clicking innocuous links which can lead to devastating viruses.

Phishing is one of the most harmful forms of attack - these messages often take the form of an email from another person in the company, and if successful, they are capable of stealing huge swaths of sensitive information.

Professional Email Filtering Services from Shield IT Solutions

We know how important it is to keep your confidential data secure, so we can work alongside any IT manager or team to help you select the right tool for the job. Shield IT’s security solutions could greatly improve your protection against any form of attack - be it with a spam filter, an intrusion protection system, or a complete firewall setup, our services can deal with any security or network issues you may face.

Requirements vary greatly from company to company, and all email filtering systems have their limitations, so our expertise could be invaluable to the protection of your company’s information and the continued smooth running of your email system.

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