Secure End Point Protection from Shield IT Solutions

End point protection is an essential security measure for any network. It is applied to an individual device or computer system which is connected to your corporate network which could be a desktop PC, laptop, smartphone, tablet, or a more specialised piece of equipment. The device will run an operating system, such as Windows, Apple OS, Linux, Andriod, iOS, or a customised system. All parts of your network share a responsibility toward each other, so it should be a matter of course that end point protection is installed.

End Point Protection: Securing Your Network Against Attack and Data Loss

End points can utilise a single security solution or combine a range of solutions, which include individual services for antivirus/anti-spyware, personal firewall, personal web content filter and anti-spam, VPN client, device control, and device encryption. One piece of client software is frequently enough to provide most of the solutions you need,but depending on your hardware and operating system, you may find it necessary to run multiple software clients in order to address individual security requirements.

We at Shield IT Solutions are well-versed in organising and installing end point protection, and can also provide a full health check and overview of your network in order to ascertain the very best security solution for your setup.

Protecting Your Network from a Variety of Threats

There are many threats to the security of your network and data that must be taken into account. Of course, email filtering and antivirus protection are hugely important, but there are less obvious factors to consider, such as the compromising or accidental leak of sensitive data.

Stories of data being lost or stolen are common place and we frequently hear of peoples’ medical records and bank details falling into the wrong hands by the thousand. This can occur in a great many ways, not all of them malicious. Data can be stolen through physical theft of laptop, or by a disgruntled employee copying files onto a USB drive or a disc and passing them on. The effects of such data loss on your business could be unthinkable, so it’s vital to put a system in place to prevent it.

Comprehensive End Point Protection Services from Shield IT Solutions

Shield IT can assist you in the design and deployment of a security solution ideal for reducing your risk of data loss. Wehave a selection of answers to this particular problem, beginning with strong password security and device encryption which will greatly reduce the impact of such an event.

One advantage of running a network is that devices can be centrally managed. This process allows an administrator to restrict the use of USB drives, MP3 players, and writable CDs, making it very simple to control which users are allowed to copy data as well as how that information is used once removed. This will not only discourage the copying of data but also provide an audit trail, facilitating easy investigation of any instances of data theft.

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