Shield IT Solutions Case Study: Firewall Management and Implementation

Sudden hardware failure can wreak havoc upon any business - it can happen at the most inconvenient times and is never expected, and if a backup system is not available, it can cause a huge amount of disruption.

One such incident occurred at a Derby-based engineering business whose firewall suffered a terminal failure. As a crucial part of the company’s network setup, it of course needed to be replaced before work could resume, so it became imperative that a solution was found urgently.

As time was a factor, the company contacted Shield IT Solutions who responded immediately by installing an interim firewall - this was a temporary measure to at least ensure that the network was operational while the technicians set about creating a long-term solution.

A Temporary Solution to Facilitate a Permanent Fix

It transpired that the firewall which had failed was installed by a third party, and unfortunately the firewall and VPN configuration files had not been backed up, so they had been lost along with the hardware, meaning that Shield inherited the additional task of configuring the temporary firewall from scratch. Working from an incomplete set of notes and their inherent nous in the IT field, Shield’s technicians were able to successfully configure the temporary firewall from off-site, which granted the company a sufficient solution to cover them until they were able to install a brand new firewall.

Once the company had acquired a permanent solution, Shield provided full details of the configuration they had installed and backed up all the data in order to smooth the transition between the interim firewall and the new permanent installation, which is now fully operational.

The ability to adapt, act efficiently, and implement versatile systems at short notice makes Shield IT Solutions the perfect partner to quickly repair urgent problems. To hear more about our ad hoc services for support and maintenance, contact us today.

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