Shield IT Solutions Case Study - Infrastructure and Reinstallation

Shield IT Solutions recently executed a full reworking of the IT systems at a factory belonging to Bergstrom Europe Ltd, a leading manufacturer of climate control systems for commercial vehicles.

Bergstrom had approached Shield and requested a quote for an entirely new, and more supportable, network topology which would still make use of the site’s existing infrastructure. The reason for their request was that certain issues had arisen in their current network which were causing major disruption - lengths of the fibre optic cabling had developed faults which would often cause the network to reroute and thus cut off access to certain areas of the factory.

Aside from this, the layout of the factory’s network was quite illogical - the server was situated far away from the comms room and cabling was laid out in two concentric rings, meaning that a failure in one area would affect the whole network. Errors were also very time-consuming to repair, making every failure a disaster which would seriously hold up operations.

After carrying out a full audit of the site’s systems, Shield’s engineers devised and installed a completely fresh setup for the factory which would make more efficient use of its resources. Drawing on their wealth of know-how and experience, Shield were able to restructure the existing setup into a much more efficient star shape, which, should an error occur, would allow the bulk of network to remain active.

Shield also re-built the core of the network and replaced portions the fibre optic cable outright with stronger and more resilient fibres, but opted to use shorter - and more cost-effective - CAT6 cabling in areas where it would prove most effective. This measure allowed for the same level of communication to be maintained between the main offices and the servers while saving Bergstrom a huge amount of money.

Of course, making changes as broad as these to any network is likely to cause a fair amount of disruption, so Shield carefully planned the installation and executed it over a weekend, beginning on the Friday and finishing on the Sunday - the final switchover took place the following day, and even then only caused a single hour of downtime. Ever since its installation, the performance of the new system has not faltered - network access is now faster and more reliable for users all across the system and faults are now far more sparse and easier to handle.

This is a great example of how, by applying their knowledge and expertise, Shield IT Solutions were able to transform a failing network into a robust and reliable system.

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