Intrusion Prevention Systems

Most networks that are constantly connected to the internet will experience some form of intrusive access at one point or another. While these invasions are frequently far from aggressive, often taking the form of a brief scout mission by a lesser hacker, they can lead to third parties gaining knowledge of your system’s weaknesses and thus being able to exploit them.

Likewise, you may also be under threat from users within your network: it’s not unrealistic to think that certain staff may attempt to access sensitive data that they may not be authorised to access. Given enough time and persistence, determined users are likely to get through eventually.

Discourage Unsolicited Network Access with an Intrusion Prevention System

Intrusion Detection System (IDS), give you the ability to monitor your network’s traffic, making it simple to spot unauthorised entry and access from potentially malicious parties.

While Intrusion Detection Systems certainly have their upsides, they do require a lot of supervision and can prove somewhat ineffective without a human counterpart to respond to any alerts. Unfortunately, this can lead to many threats not being discovered until it’s too late.

Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems to Suit Any IT Security Needs

For businesses without the manpower to handle these responses, an Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) may be the answer. These intelligent security devices can be attached to a network in order to monitor for potentially malicious traffic, and can be set up to discerningly block traffic which appears threatening. An IPS can provide excellent protection against ill-intended network entry in real time.

As specialists in IT security systems, Shield IT Solutions can recommend the ideal system for any IT manager to protect their company’s network. We can aid you in the installation and operation of any security solution. Contact us today for more information.

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