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Countless millions of external data storage devices are lost and stolen each year. What would be the impact on your business of losing your non-encrypted USB flash or hard drive?

The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) has the power to issue fines to businesses and government bodies of up to £500,000 for serious breaches of the Data Protection Act. This includes the loss of an unencrypted USB device that contains client or personal data.

Loss of confidential data can have a devastating effect on your business from the adverse media attention. Why would you take the risk when iStorage can so easily and very cost effectively protect your business from all of this?

The datAshur and diskAshur data storage devices from iStorage are simply ahead of the rest when it comes to providing easy to use and secure portable data storage. The iStorage product range starts impressively with the very affordable and industry acclaimed "The World's Most Secure USB Flash Drive," to their portable hard drive with capacities of up to 3TB and compact ultra-fast SSD products.

All iStorage devices are platform independent with no client installation and PIN operated for simplicity of use. Real-time AES encryption seamlessly encrypts all data on the drive.

iStorage datAshur – Encrypted USB Flash DriveFIPS 140-2 Level 3 Certified USB Flash Drive

iStorage datAshur – Encrypted USB Flash Drive

The iStorage datAshur® is the world's most secure, easy to use and affordable USB flash drive, employing PIN code access with military grade AES 256-bit hardware encryption.

The datAshur incorporates a rechargeable battery allowing the user to enter a 7-15 digit PIN onto the on-board keypad before connecting the drive to the USB port.

iStorage diskAshur - Encrypted USB 3.0 Hard Drive

iStorage diskAshur - Encrypted USB 3.0 Hard Drive

The diskAshur® is the world's most secure and portable encrypted USB 3.0 Hard Drive, enabling you to access the drive with your own unique pin and now at data transfer speeds of up to 10X faster than USB 2.

Perfectly pocketable, the IStorage diskAshur's compact, robust design features a 16-point omni-directional shock mounting system and rubberized paint, protecting the drive from drops and knocks.

iStorage diskAshur - Encrypted USB Hard Drive

iStorage diskAshur - Encrypted USB Hard Drive

The iStorage diskAshurDT® is the world's first PIN operated portable hard drive with built-in hardware encryption and capacities of up to 3TB.

The iStorage Desktop Secure Hard Drive utilises military grade AES 256-bit hardware encryption, which encrypts all data stored on the drive in real time. Should the drive be lost or stolen, the user can rest assured that all data held on the drive is safe and cannot be accessed by any unauthorised third party, even if the hard drive is removed from its enclosure.

iStorage diskG – CCTM certified USB driveCCTM

iStorage datAshur – CCTM certified USB drive

The diskG* is the world's most secure, compact and affordable USB2 portable hard drive and solid state drive (SSD), employing PIN code access with AES 128 or 256 bit hardware encryption.

ALL data stored on the drive is encrypted in Real-Time, making it as fast and in many cases faster than any non-encrypted USB2 hard drive.

* Previously known as diskGenie

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