Shield IT Solutions Case Study: Office Relocation Services

Office relocation and expansion can prove to be a colossal task, even without factoring in the moving and redeployment of an entire company’s IT setup. Fortunately, Shield IT Solutions are here to help: one area in which we excel is managing the IT aspect of office moves.

We were approached by the South West Regional Development Agency who were moving to new premises and would be sharing a floor with another tenant. As space was limited, the bulk of the company’s IT equipment was to be located on another floor. They also requested that we retain as much existing equipment as possible.

Professional Office Relocation from Shield IT Solutions

After conducting a survey of the customer’s initial requirements, we identified the equipment that would be moved and, alongside the customer, decidedhow best to locate it in the available space. It was decided that user switching would be located on the same floor as the users, and all other equipment located on a separate floor.

Shield IT Solutions brought in a trusted cabling contractor and arranged installation of the required structured cabling between the two floors, as well as between the comms racks and server racks. On each floor a new cabinet was supplied. The office area contained an existing cabling infrastructure, so each floor port was tested to ensure that they were live. As the users’ floor was shared between several organisations, the customer asked that all relevant patch panels were moved to a separate rack. Each panel was identified, labelled, disconnected, moved, and finally tested.

Complete Wireless Network Relocation

Because part of the customer’s requirement was to move an existing wireless network, Shield IT Solutions conducted a wireless survey. This ensured that the wireless network provided adequate coverage but would not disrupt existing networks within the building. Following this survey, our cabling contractor installed the necessary cabling in the ceiling void to connect the wireless access points.

As part of the move, Shield IT Solutions managed the installation of the new WAN and Internet links on behalf of the customer. These links were supplied by Telco, who provided the customer with a fully managed WAN service. The service was installed and fully tested prior to the move in order to ensure that everything worked as planned.

On the weekend of the move, Shield IT Solutions removed all existing network equipment from the customer’s old location and then installed it in the new office, making changes as required to optimise the new installation. The basic network infrastructure was installed and the Internet connection was migrated without issue in a relatively short period of time. Once patching had been completed, there was plenty of time left for the customer to conduct testing on the network.

The move was very successful - users were able to access all IT systems without issue on the first day in the new office and the network setup performed exceptionally well thereafter.

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