Office Relocation Services for IT Infrastructure

Apart from supporting many IT teams with the design, installation and day to day management of their network and security infrastructure, we are also tasked with their office relocations. An office relocation can be a logistical nightmare for any company and particularly the IT team. Often legacy systems become unstable and nothing ever seems to fit back the way it was originally. This can cause problems with bringing the company back to speed operationally as soon as the directors require.

New Office or Office Relocation Services and Products

Our services for a new office and the development of a network and security infrastructure include: WAN services, Internet connectivity and firewalling, general design and installation as well as infrastructure cabling, servers, VoIP telephony, Web content filtering and antivirus, hosted exchange, firewall, remote access/mobility solutions, wireless networks and much more.

For any office relocation we can assist with the network infrastructure moves including all of the aforementioned technologies

Experienced Project Management

There are many occasions where we will just support the existing IT team, with our expertise in networking and security during their office relocation, but we can also provide management of the entire project from start to finish using our own experienced office relocation team. This leaves your current IT resource free to deal with the day to day work of keeping IT systems running.

Flexible Pricing for Our Relocation Services

As each project is unique we are able to quickly assess the level of support that you need and provide a bespoke quote for the work undertaken. If you wish to use us for on-going assistance to your IT team then please visit our business support packages.

New Products Support

As we have access to industry leading products throughout the network and security arena, we are able to support any upgrades requirements during your move and provide new equipment if you find that some elements just died when you unplugged them? These can be sourced very quickly, but our relocation visit to your existing premises and to your new premises before the move should highlight any potential issues so that we can plan preventative rather than emergency measures. For details of the products that we support please go to our product page.

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