Panda Cloud Email Protection

Panda Cloud Email Protection (CEP) provides a Security as a Service (SaaS) based email security solutions for organisations.

With reports indicating that somewhere between 80 and 95% of all inbound messages are spam this is an important issue for all organisations to address. Not only is general spam a big problem there are also phishing mails and email-borne attacks and spyware to consider. This significantly impacts productivity of staff and IT departments who have to deal with the consequences of these messages.

CEP uses anti-spam mechanisms such as IP reputation, SPF records, sender and recipient domain validation and grey listing to effectively and quickly analyse email to offer 99.9% protection.

CEP can also block unwanted email traffic with content filtering which can analyse all aspects of a message to detect confidential or inappropriate content.

Panda Cloud Email Protection has an intuitive, easy-to-manage interface allowing administrators to rapidly set up the protection. In common with the other Panda Cloud solutions administrators can create very granular policies on a per domain or per user level. Notifications can also be configured to inform of blocked messages.

In addition to protecting an organisation from Internet based threats, CEP also offers a webmail service and a backup of external email for up to 10 days in the event of issues with primary email systems.

LIGHT - It is extremely light and requires no client infrastructure, as all operations are performed in the cloud.

SECURE - Immediate, effective protection against viruses and spam through online scans performed in Panda Security servers.

EASY - Configuration of the service and the console couldn’t be easier, ensuring complete operability right from the outset.

Case studies are available on request.


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