Panda Cloud Internet Protection

Cloud Internet Protection (CIP) allows organisations to secure web access while also enforcing granular access policies. The CIP service provides anti-virus, anti-spyware and protections against botnets, phishing attacks, cross-site scripting and other advanced web 2.0 attacks. The platform is regularly updated to protect against emerging attacks and the latest vulnerabilities.

Non-productive use of the Internet can cost organisations thousands of lost man hours a year. Granular access policies which can be applied to groups or individuals based on time of day and / or time and data quotas make it very easy to control access without the need for specialist training. Content filtering can also control the downloading of file types such as exe, mpg, mp3, msi etc. Websites are categorised to make policies easy to create. Because thousands of new sites appear on the Internet every day, relying on just static categories can be limiting, therefore CIP also includes dynamic categorisation of sites. Granular policies can also extend to controlling web 2.0 applications. For example you could allow access to read Facebook, Twitter etc but block the ability to post status updates or tweet.

Policies can also be used to control bandwidth utilisation, saving valuable bandwidth for critical business application. Because the evaluation of the site is done in the cloud this also helps save bandwidth as pages can be blocked before being downloaded to site.

CIP is simple to deploy as there is no local hardware or software to deploy. The users' browser is simply redirected to the CIP proxy servers. These proxy servers are distributed across multiple data centres around the world for maximum resiliency. User access can be controlled by a local user database created within CIP or by integration into an existing directory service such as Active Directory.

CIP includes a powerful and flexible reporting facility providing comprehensive reports and access to raw log files. Log data is updated in real-time meaning virtually instantaneous access to reports.

The solution is available in three different bundles. The standard bundle provides access to the platform with anti-malware protection and URL filtering and access to the reporting functionality. The Advanced bundle adds web 2.0 controls and advanced web security features. Finally the Premium bundle adds the bandwidth controls and data loss prevention.

Case studies are available on request.

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