Shield IT Solutions: Product Overview

In order to implement expert IT solutions and aid your in-house team, Shield IT Solutions are not limited in the equipment that we can choose from. We are not resellers, nor are we under contract to any particular brand, so we are free to recommend and provide only the most suitable equipment to meet your requirements.

We want to say that we look for solutions to individual customers’ needs and therefore we never try to make a square peg fit a round hole. We are constantly reviewing our offerings in order that we are able to engineer elegant and robust systems for our customers that are a perfect fit for their requirements. We also want to say that we keep our margins as low as possible on solutions we install in order that the customer can see the true value of our project consultancy and support.

The Latest in Network and Security Technologies

We work with some of the highest quality equipment manufacturers available and have a superb range of products at our disposal. Listed below are some of our choice vendors, but we are by no means limited to just these brands! Our web of suppliers can source equipment for almost any hardware, software, or SaaS solution.

Firewalls Remote Access Authentication Filtering Infrastructure
Cyberoam Cyberoam Cyberoam Cyberoam Cyberoam
Cisco Cisco Signify Barracuda Cisco
Fortinet Fortinet Thawte Fortinet HP
Juniper AEP GeoTrust Bloxx Jacarta

Outstanding Support for Hardware and Software

To guarantee the continued operation of your network or security solution and ensure your peace of mind, we offer a range of support options. Various service levels are available for the provision of hardware maintenance, taking into account the possible need for an on-site engineer. Software support is also available according to your subscription.

Networking & Telephony Packages

Aside from computer networking, we are also capable of designing and installing telephony systems as well as providing ADSL, SDSL, and bonded ADSL and FTTC services. Please contact us quoting your postcode and landline phone number for information on the available services in your area.

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