Reduce Your Annual Spend with Web Filtering

Every business with an active web connection is at risk of losing money through casual browsing - employees visiting non-work-related websites during downtime. This can have a huge effect on a company’s bandwidth use and therefore their broadband bill, especially if users are streaming video! This is not the only risk of non-productive browsing, as it also opens your network up to viruses, malware, and phishing sites, all of which can be accessed quite by accident.

Web Filtering Solutions to Discourage Cyberslacking

Businesses making use of social media also open themselves up to risk. While it can be a powerful tool and a great way to engage with customers, the temptation is there for users to sign in to their personal profile on company time. A Web filtering solution with “application control” functionality is capable of allowing very specific access to social media websites, ensuring that only productive use of sites such as Facebook and Twitter is permitted.

Take Control of Your Bandwidth with Web Filtering from Shield IT Solutions

Shield IT Solutions have abundant knowledge of web filtering technology and can provide a perfect solution to suit your needs. We have a range of solutions to protect you from any associated threats, all of which also provide detailed reports to keep you informed of your employees’ online activity.

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