Flexible Support and Consultancy Packages from Shield IT Solutions

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Flexible Support and Consultancy Packages from Shield IT Solutions

At Shield IT Solutions, we know that what the service level you need from us will not always be the same. What you require at any one point may not be consistent throughout a period of time, so in order to accommodate this, we offer a selection of payment options.

There are several ways in which you can purchase support and consultancy days from us. Each day is equivalent to 7.5 hours and will be charged at a standard rate.

The first option available is to purchase an agreed number of days up front, which can be used at any point over a 12-month period. You can use these days whenever they are required.

With the second option, you can pay a fixed monthly service charge for which you will be allocated an agreed number of consultancy days per month to use. You can take these as either on-site support or remote consultancy.

As well as these differing contract options, Shield IT Solutions can also carry out work on an ad-hoc basis. Whichever approach you take we stay in regular contact with your IT team to ensure we stay up to date with changes in your infrastructure; this can include site visits if required.

To discuss one of our Support and Consultancy Packages, please contact us today.
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