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two factor authentication

Security Beyond Passwords

With security being as high a priority as ever, employers and systems alike are constantly urging employees to think a little harder about the password they use to secure their logins and many systems now demand the use of upper and lower-case letters, numerals and even symbols.

Users are frequently required to keep track of multiple different passwords for the various systems they need to log into, which compounds the problem and makes it incredibly tricky for users to keep track. This can of course lead to passwords being forgotten and having to be reset, or worse being written down on pieces of paper and left around the office for others to find.

There exist numerous secure login processes known as Strong Authentication or Two-Factor Authentication which use an external system to complete the login process thereby eliminating the need for employees to create and remember complex passwords. Strong authentication removes the risk by combining two separate methods of authentication i.e. something you know like a password or PIN and something you have like a physical token, software token or SMS message.

Two-factor authentication solutions are ideal for securing systems and applications including:

  • Remote Access Solutions
  • Wireless Networks
  • E-mail systems

At Shield IT Solutions we have the experience and expertise to recommend an appropriate Two-Factor authentication system for your business

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