Go Wireless

Secure Business Wi-Fi and Guest Access

Our Go Wireless products and services are available to IT teams who may have an existing wireless network they're looking to upgrade, or those who are looking at building a brand-new network using the latest technologies. We use Aruba and Aerohive as our preferred partners for the hardware solutions, and with our knowledge in networking and security we are able to give you a secure scalable network with optimum performance and the appropriate coverage required for any area, from small officesup to large enterprises.

Security Issues Caused by Poorly Configured Wireless Networks

Many businesses that come to ushave a mix of hardwired and wireless systems that have been bolted together over the years. Nine times out of ten, these don't provide the required performance or, more importantly, security. Separation of guest users from secure business servers is paramount when designing a wireless infrastructure, as well as ensuring that users are not able to abuse Internet access - this may cause degradation of corporate services and possibly even damage to your business's reputation from inappropriate surfing.

Shield can build you a guest access system that requires authentication via a captive portal, acknowledgement from the guest user that they will abide by the company's terms of use for Internet access,and even self-registration to ease the burden on IT teams. These systems assure that guests will not be allowed any access to sensitive corporate resources as well as controlling their internet activities.

Wireless Networking for BYOD Technology (Bring Your Own Device)

Having embraced tablet and mobile technology out of the workplace, many of us can now see the advantages of carrying these lightweight devices to send email and arrange our activities, making our lives easier and more organised. When travelling for work, carrying multiple devices such as a heavy laptop along with our tablet or smart phone can be a real nuisance. Employers can also benefit from the increased efficiency and cost savings of allowing these devices into the business and onto the wireless network, but this may seem perilous and can appear to be an impossible challenge.

We can help you embrace the BYOD explosion with our understanding of wireless infrastructure and, using our next generation solutions, deliver to you a secure, high performance, and robust wireless infrastructure.

Go Wireless Highlights

Aruba Instant Access Points (IAP's) Providing Rapid Advanced Wireless Network Deployment

The Aruba Instant controllerless wireless LAN solution provides your business with a staggeringly easy-to-deploy solution with enterprise security and resiliency. It also has the benefit of no ongoing service fees, license fees, or management appliances which can dramatically reduce your operational expenditure (OPEX),as is normally associated with running a large wireless network. This solution is affordable to buy and maintain. Installing additional wireless access points to an Aruba IAP wireless network takes minutes, as one dynamically-elected AP automatically distributes the network configuration to others. You just need to plug in and power up any new devices.

For more information on this product and its enterprise-class features please visit our Aruba product page.

Aerohive Wireless Solutions Reduce Complexity and Leverage the Efficiencies of Cloud Services

Aerohive's cloud services platform allows you to configure and manage wireless access points from anywhere and provides inherently high reliability using their resilient data centres. For your business it requires no rack space or power consumption making it a truly green solution. It also simplifies both the provisioning of wireless access points, as well as the ongoing management and diagnosis of any wireless networking issues. Together with an intelligent distributed network architecture and state-of-the-art 802.11n access points and VPN routers, Aerohive provides a cloud networking solution that is simple, reliable, flexible, scalable, and highly cost-effective.This system also has many architectural advantages including no bottlenecks or single points of failure whilst giving you the flexibility to expand and just add APs as your requirements grow.

For more information on this product please visit the Aerohive product page.

How We Can Help With Your Wireless Networking Solutions

Our main business is networking and security and we support many large IT teams with their infrastructure support, maintenance,and planning. We can work with you on an ongoing basis through our support packages, but if you just require advice on a certain problem or future move into a different networking solution, we are open to working in an ad-hoc fashion.

We can also carry the work out for you or just act as a consultant to advise you on the best methods for your own IT team to implement within your business.

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