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Go Wireless

Our Go Wireless products and services are available to IT teams who may have an existing wireless network they're looking to upgrade, or those who are looking at building a brand-new network using the latest technologies. With our knowledge in networking and security we are able to give you a secure scalable network with optimum performance and the appropriate coverage required for any area, from small offices up to large enterprises.

Secure Business Wi-Fi and Guest Access

Many businesses that come to us have a mix of hardwired and wireless systems that have been bolted together over the years. Nine times out of ten, these don't provide the required performance or, more importantly, security.

Separation of guest users from secure business servers is paramount when designing a wireless infrastructure, as well as ensuring that users are not able to abuse Internet access - this may cause degradation of corporate services and possibly even damage to your business's reputation from inappropriate surfing.

Shield IT Solutions can build you a guest access system that requires authentication via a captive portal, acknowledgement from the guest user that they will abide by the company's terms of use for Internet access and even self-registration to ease the burden on IT teams. These systems ensure that guests will not be allowed any access to sensitive corporate resources as well as controlling their internet activities.

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